Tips dating journalist

They do not shy away from showering their partner with love and care even after a hard day’s work.Journalists have no time to mop over trivial matters.

Tips dating journalist

Journalists always have interesting stories to narrate.

Having said that, they are also great listeners, they will genuinely show interest in you.

We see life through a lens, with a pen in our hand. You know they write about their experiences and document their lives. The perks of dating someone who edits like it’s their job (literally) is that they can help you out in more ways than one. Their driven attitude is attractive and something that is certainly hard to come by. When you report news to the public, the news being reported must be cold, hard facts.

You are telling a story as a journalist, so if your journalist significant other writes about you, you know it’s real. For those journalists who do have interest in photography, you’re in luck! Your heart may be happy, but your grades will be happy too.

Conversing with them can be engaging, intellectually stirring and endless, since they can discuss anything under the sun.

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