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We seem to be stuck with the married ones, or the men no sane women would want, or those we may have to end up supporting – both financially and emotionally.

In other words, “good men” would not willingly choose us – because in choosing us, they would also have to explain to their parents, family and friends as to why they chose “us” when they could easily have someone younger, more available and without all those “excess baggage” to deal with.

Well, they have their own personal reasons for “enrolling” themselves into that kind of arrangement, but we shall not get into that in this post.

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As some of you may know by now, I am a single mother.

In an Asian “traditional” context, it is like being a “ghost” – because there are people who will never really see you, and then there are those who can see you but they are too afraid to go near you.

In fact, some will quickly run the other direction.

They have resigned completely from the dating world, and have quit on men.1) “Having Sex With a Single Mother” – This article is from a site called: The Modern Man. I am inclined to think that the first article wants you(the men) to “score”, where as the second article wants you to develop a real relationship with a single mother.

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