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But, just as importantly, it means emotional boundaries that “teach people who we are and how we would like to be handled in relationships” (Eddins p. A sense of boundaries in a dating relationship cannot only make you feel more confident about how things are going, they can help you make quicker decisions to all those questions I mentioned above.

Especially in Christian circles, “boundaries” almost always means “physical limits”.

It’s also less common to meet datable people through friends and family, which usually meant they’d been vetted first, she points out.

Dating expert Julie Spira agrees, adding that you’re also unlikely to open up to someone new unless you feel safe with them—another reason safety should be priority number one.

Without these things, we lose ourselves and become fueled by other people.

No God-chaser should want to work only for the happiness of other people – that’s a goal that turns into a dead-end in no time.

Even Jesus took the time to step away from his ministry, get a good nap in, and do some praying.

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