ubuntu updating wine - Skype hookups

I know Skype is free, but are there any limitations on conference calls with Skype?

Are there other free conference calling services I should check out?

As more parties join the conference, icons or images representing each party will appear on screen.

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For more, see-- work uses several commercial bridgeline / conference calling centers.

I sometimes work from home and using the "Call phone" feature from Google Mail, I dial into the conferences.

The problem is that my old "Labtech" headphone that plugs into the sound card's mic and earphone jack is wearing out.

Are there any wireless headphone solutions for the PC for Skype/VOIP? Have used Skype video conferencing with my son in Seattle, Wa. for several months and have found the quality of picture is dependent on how busy the broadband is.

To drop someone from a conference call, mouse over his or her image and click the red icon.

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