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Itemupdating properties listitem update

For example, if I replaced "Facility Number" with "Source", the code will execute properly.

This may be the fact that we are using a third party software (called Knowledge Lake) that replaces the default edit form in Share Point with a Silverlight form.

For all the valid status values we can look for “SPRemote Event Service Status” Enum.

Step 4 is to return the SPRemote Event Result object back to Share Point The setting we did in Step 3 will let Share Point to terminate the event raised due user action and return the error message to Share Point which would be rendered as Error Message for the user as highlighted below- In order to show case this scenario we can consider the same item as above and this time let’s let Edit the item as highlighted below Now next thing is to investigate the code for registered Remote Event Handler – Since this an After Event (as explained in one of the earlier post “”), we need to write the Code in “Process One Way Event” Method.

Step 4 is to write this message variable to Windows Event Log Once execution is successful we can see the message logged in the Windows Event Log as shown below This scenario will talk on validating user inputs and terminate the execution as soon as the input value falls outside the valid value range.

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