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Select 3 Barret You can select 'Yeah, whatever...' and speak to him again so you can repeatedly select 'Go on' for points, though the points accrued this way may or may not affect the trophy and I do not recommend you exploit this as an option as it may .

I know you can select the same thing multiple times but whether or not it gives Tifa points is beyond my knowledge.

Follow Red XIII up the stairs and converse with him.

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This is not required, though Yuffie is tough to be the chosen date so this decision will not throw you off.

Anyway that was my 2 cents Using the glitch in Cosmo Canyon does add points to Barret but if you do it too many times it throws it into a negative value.

alors ke sur un autre recepteur ki marche (un X5300CU super) il affiche dabord "boot" puis "on" puis "run" Ma7res bonjour, j'ai un démo starsat sr-x4000d j'ai essayé de le flaché, et j'ai eu un problème comme le tien , il m'affiche ash ou a5h et je sais pas quoi faire, alors si t'arrive a resoudre ce problème merci de me repondre par mail.

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