Updating multiple select with ajax

Share Point Framework にスクリプト エディター Web パーツに基づくカスタマイズを移行することで、よりユーザー フレンドリな構成、ソリューションの一元管理など数多くのメリットが得られます。次に Share Point Framework にソリューションを移行する方法の手順を追って説明します。まず、オリジナルのコードの変更を最小限に抑える形で Share Point Framework にソリューションを移行します。次に、ソリューションのコードを Type Script に変換し、開発時に型安全性の恩恵を受け、コードの一部を Share Point Framework API に置換して機能をフル活用するとともに、ソリューションをさらに簡素化できます。Transforming a Script Editor Web Part-based customization to the Share Point Framework offers a number of benefits such as more user-friendly configuration and centralized management of the solution.Following is a step-by-step description of how you would migrate the solution to the Share Point Framework.

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Share Point Framework client-side web parts can be used both on classic and modern pages.

While the _sp Page Context Info variable is present on classic pages, it's not available on modern pages which is why you can't rely on it and need a custom property that you can control yourself instead.

Initially, the name of the list from which the data should be loaded was embedded in the REST queries.

Now that users can configure this name, the configured value should be injected into the REST queries before executing them.

First, you will migrate the solution to the Share Point Framework with as few changes to the original code as possible.

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