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Despite this issue, neural networks based solution is very efficient in terms of development, time and resources.By experience, I can tell that artificial neural networks provide real solutions that are difficult to match with other technologies.The best we can do for having success with our design is playing with it.

Updating sofware

The input/output training data is fundamental for these networks as it conveys the information which is necessary to discover the optimal operating point.

In addition, a non linear nature make neural network processing elements a very flexible system.

Why would be necessary the implementation of artificial neural networks?

Although computing these days is truly advanced, there are certain tasks that a program made for a common microprocessor is unable to perform; even so a software implementation of a neural network can be made with their advantages and disadvantages.

The error information is fed back to the system which makes all adjustments to their parameters in a systematic fashion (commonly known as the learning rule).

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