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Sally was taken aback at the woman's poise and expensive dress.

It was a very colourful wrap around tied with an elephant shaped diamond broach.

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Sally was surprised and little stunned at the turn of events. I want you to return the pleasure you took at dinner, by giving me pleasure now in return." "But..." The light slap silenced and shocked Sally.

Sally sought to pull away but the African woman held her firmly. " She looked back at the sergeant, and her eyes widened at the sight of his hand gently stroking an exposed thick length of cock. "I said no more but's..." The hand that had been caressing the side of Sally's face, looped behind her head and pulled.

She had a long neck, high cheekbones and dark lovely eyes, and instead of tight curls, her hair was long, lustrous and wavy.

In that moment the woman had walked up to Sally and rested her hands on Sally's waist.

Sally nodded and passed through, acutely conscious of the closeness of the man.

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