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Her reputation in her real-life community remained intact. She had no fears of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases; she hadn't spent any money beyond her basic Internet access cost; she wasn't concerned about one of the men knocking on her door someday or sending unwanted love letters or flowers, because she never shared her phone number or any specifics about where she lived.

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She was still the same shy, quiet, responsible librarian.

No one knew where she had gone, what she had done, or the language she had used the night before.

The detrimental effects that those six months had on me are too great to mention in detail, but I can tell you the worst of them. But worst of all, I lost respect for myself and it took a lot of time to get my life back.

I was addicted to sex, fantasies, physical desire, and I didn't even know it until it was too late. Somewhere along the way I contracted Chlamydia, a serious sexually transmitted disease.

Yes, I am TOTALLY addicted but having the best time of my life. Like it has done to so many men, Internet pornography/cybersex chat takes decent, intelligent, respected and successful and makes them stupid!

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