Hlds steamstartvalidatinguseridticket returned esteamerror 25 datingproductsreviewed com

VAC can't load and if I connect to the Server then come this error message: Dropped Player from Server Reason: Error verifying STEAM User ID Ticket(server was unable to contact the authentication server).

EDIT: You were right it's a limit problem, but the maximum number of trades is 5, I've tested it.

I'm hoping to get some help updating / fixing my server; I have run with the following string:"D:\HLServer\Hlds Update -command update -game "valve" -dir \HLServer -verify_all"I wasn't sure about the valve part, the tool doesn't say anything about NS in the readme but users trying to connect from the internet are getting the following error:"Steam Start Validating User IDTicket: Returned ESteam Error 25."I can connect from the LAN just fine from 2 different machines (1 is the pc running the dedicated server)If i switch "valve" with "ns" the tool only opens for a minute then closes without doing anything.server info:metamod 1.19amx modx 2.50.60rcbot 1.441bstatus shows:v47/ 3647 securethanks in advance!

Hello i have hosted a server according to a tutorial from Detail&id=4&game=3 and I configured all server according to that ........

I have a problem with my server for Counter Strike Source, when SV_LAN turned to "0", I can't join my server : "STEAM validation rejected" and the server says :" Steam Start Validating User IDTicket: Returned ESteam Error 25" But when the server isn't online (SV_LAN 1) there is no problem for me.

Even if I wanted to, the error isn't coming up right now, since no one is joining atm.

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