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The rather heavy bonnet is released by a pull knob awkwardly located on the passenger’s side.

The big six-cylinder engine fits neatly into the MG compartment and all the most important service points such as the oil filler cap, radiator filler cap, dipstick, carburettors, brake and clutch reservoirs, coil, distributor and oil-filter are easy to get at.

I can never work out whether it’s a clever idea to use several bits of wire to support a heavy vehicle, a vintage Bentley comes to mind, or maybe it was an invention channelled through the Black Arts.

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The engine was “described in detail in our October 21st issue, the new engine is a modified, lightened and seven-bearing version of the old Healey six:” “With 53% more power yet only 18% more weight the MGC can be expected to go much quicker than the B, and it does: top speed, for example, was 118.2 mph for our hard-top two seater, compared with the 106.5 mph attained by the similar version of the MGB which was tested in 1964.” Talking about the positive aspects in the article it article says “Certainly the new model amply satisfies one of the prime requirements of grand touring – the ability to cruise with complete effortlessness at high speeds.” “Also GT in character are some improvements to interior safety and comfort: rubber winders for the windows, neatly recessed door locks and some welcome additional fore-and-aft adjustment for the driver’s seat.” It does say that rake adjustments for the seats are “primitive and inadequate as ever, the heater has inferior controls and remains an extra, the glove compartment is crude.” “Despite these faults, general comfort is quite good and there are few cars that can outpace the MGC at anything near its £1,163 price tag” You’d have to fork out around £20,000 to buy one today.

"it pulls without hesitation, pinking or vibration making for pleasant driving around town – and the quiet hum of the exhaust is the predominant noise.” Yes, we all like that noise.

The Addition Of Outreach And AKI Bundles To Simple AKI E-alerting Improves All Areas Of AKI Management, But Does Not Change The Outcome As Measured By ITU Admissions, Length Of Stay, Dialysis Or Death.

Innovation For Better Care - Improving Patients' Dialysis Decision Making Through Team Working: Patient And Carers As Peer Educators Working In Collaboration With Kidney Failure Support Teams To Enhance Care.

How to turn over the "Lump" so I took some photos of my Crank Nut Spanner that I made in the late 60's.

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