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Hadid showed the e-mail to Jean-Baptiste, who was sitting in the living room with two of their sons. “I was very proud of that,” he said, “and I felt that I could never do enough to say, ‘Thank you, the United States, and God bless you.

“My whole family wishes you the same,” he wrote in response. Thank you.’ ” He fantasized that, after twenty years with the force, he’d get a job in politics, maybe even end up as an aide in the White House.

Working alongside French officers at the Paris Police Prefecture, they interrogated a Congolese-Frenchman, Marien Theophile Mbossa Kargu, who had shared an apartment with Guzzardi in Brooklyn during the last week of his life.

Kargu had drawn suspicion after he falsely told friends that Guzzardi had died in the Twin Towers. The detectives gave her coffee, food, soda, and cigarettes, but she wouldn’t talk. “She is tired and wants to get it over with.” She confessed that her boyfriend, who was angry at Guzzardi for giving her cocaine, had inadvertently killed him in a fistfight while she was at the laundromat.

Two marines on his company’s boat had been assassinated by Islamist insurgents, and he no longer felt safe in the shipping industry.

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