Joaquin phoenix eva mendes dating

I understand that James wanted her to almost fizzle away in the film, because that’s much more heartbreaking and sad and it’s traumatic for him and stuff so when he thinks he sees me it’s not really me and blah, blah, blah.

Eva Mendes: You know, she goes from being this so completely in love with this person, and hanging on pretty much his almost every whim and just having him and almost like you know, she’s in her late 20’s yet it’s almost like a love that most of us experience when we’re very young like that 16-17 year old love where you see future with this person, you can’t live without this person, you live and breathe this person and I think what happens is she realizes that she does have this strength within her to go on without him and it’s a very mature decision because walking away from somebody that you’re still in love with is to me the hardest thing that one can do.

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It happened with Reese and June Carter, it’s happening again with Eva Mendes and We Own the Night.

Joaquin and Eva are rumoured to have shared some seriosu chemistry on that set that eventually supposedly spilled over into their trailers.

I just felt like she was too much the girlfriend once the story started unraveling.

Your character in this movie seems to evolve quite quickly from the first 20 minutes I think a lot of us had a fixed idea of what this character was going to be like, then she ends up being a lot more self-possessed and articulate than we might have thought.

I definitely don’t want to get caught up in that state that a lot of people are in.

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