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Mac and Frank's new bodies are similarly aged (Anthony Hill and Farley Jackson, respectively), while Dee is a middle-aged woman (Leslie Miller).

At that point, the episode turns into a musical, with Charlie sing-demanding “one good reason” why the Gang became a different race overnight.

, the gang decides they “don’t know the rules” of being black.

So the Gang sings that they will find out “the rules when you’ve just turned black and you can’t switch back,” and fix the situation before heading off into Philadelphia to try and become their old, white selves.

Switching between actor Charlie Day and his young, black counterpart as the shooting happens, the scene is among the most shocking in the series' decade-plus run.

“We just learned our lesson,” the gang sings in unison as Charlie lies bleeding out on the ground. We just learned our lesson and we want to go home.” Whatever that lesson is, however, fades away as the next scene arrives to reveal that the entire body-switching mess was a dream in the mind of Old Black Man, who had fallen asleep while watching “The only thing we learned is that you have terrible taste in movies,” Dennis tells Old Black Man.

Before long, Dennis sings that the pair should “not draw conclusions, they’re only just illusions.” He convinces Mac to be positive, with the pair then assuming they are “good men with houses, kids and wives.” Mac and Dennis then find out via a detective at the station that they are a reverend and a deacon who have contributed extensively to the Philadelphia Police Department’s athletic league.

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