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Arizona says Callie met someone, but she's okay with it as Callie sounds happier than she's ever been, like ever. Arizona says apparently they do, as Callie can't stop talking about it to everyone. Stephanie cuts the line and says she needs Dana Lee's labs, as it's for the Chief.Jo is mad and gives Isaac the samples she's been carrying, ordering him to get her the results.She feels like a nasty bug, covered in disease and Jackson still won't talk to her, making her feel even more isolated. Bailey says it's definitely not drugs, but Amelia wants to wait for the scan to be sure. Jade suffers from blurriness of vision, dizziness, and heaches. Meredith says Bailey's pushed all her patients onto Meredith, but they can't move a surgery as they're still waiting for the patients' test results to come back, but the labs are backed up. Meredith says she can't say no to Bailey, but she needs a little break in the clouds here. Stephanie comes over and says she needs to rush pre-op labs, but Jo says that apparently the system's down.

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Arizona says this a chance to relax, but April can't relax being trapped in a bubble. She's been busy with downloading all the charts Meredith demanded.

Jackson came to check just once and she can't go after him to talk. Bailey is happy to be right and tells Jo and Amelia they're welcome. Stephanie wonders if Meredith's actually going to do all these surgeries today.

She asked if she missed Bailey's party, but Arizona informs her there was no party.

April isn't feeling too well and she couldn't stop sleeping.

Richard tells them Bailey is coming and they gather near the door. Bailey tells them that one of the many changes is no more weekly attendings meetings.

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