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Following his ordination, he embarked on a 22-year career at the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (OU).

In 2005, Rabbi Burg became the youngest International Director of NCSY, the youth movement of the OU, and spent the next years restructuring the organization.

Rabbi Steven Burg is the Director General (Mankal) of Aish Ha Torah Jerusalem and Aish Ha Torah globally.

Richard is well known philanthropist and is very active with a number of Jewish nonprofit organizations including holding the position of President of Aish Hatorah International as well as Vice President of the Association for Jewish Outreach Professionals.

Rabbi Ephraim Shore is one of the directors of Aish Ha Torah Jerusalem, and the Israel Director of Honest and the Hasbara Fellowships network of pro-Israel campus activism.

He studied in Jerusalem under Rabbi Tzvi Kushelefsky and Rabbi Yaakov Friedman, and has rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg. in Marketing from Cal-State Northridge and received rabbinic ordination at Aish Jerusalem, where he currently lectures for the Discovery and Beis Medrash Programs.

Rabbi Schoonmaker taught for many years in the NCSY Summer Kollel. He is also a freelance writer with articles in Hamodia, Mishpacha and other publications. Aaron Neckameyer was born and raised in Los Angeles. Max Kalles lives with his wife in Toronto, Canada where he was born and raised.

In 1974, Gavriel took off what he thought would be one year to study in Jerusalem with Rabbi Noah Weinberg zt"l.

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