When to go from casual dating to exclusive list of internet dating scams

“They may be very conscientious and hardworking at work or in school but then be impulsive when it comes to going out or getting together,” says Brogaard.

They always need more space than you're giving them.

Even the honeymoon period of seeing each other a lot scares them.

Since their schedule is just ~too busy~, their ideas of dates include inviting you to a bar where, oh wow, *their* team is currently playing and it’s suuuuuch a tight game!

Who cares that you don't know the full rules of basketball and don't really care?

"If you were new in business and an experienced businessman made fun of you, you would not give up trying to make a profit. In a highly competitive society, we may think that all is fair, especially if we can find a way to make dishonest actions appear legitimate.

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