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As you move from room to room chasing Harley or Commissioner Gordon's kidnapper, you're going to run into bad guys.

Lots of times, you'll find a crew milling about or the Joker will spring a trap with handfuls of guys who are ready to kill you.

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The game came out about a year ago and I declared that it was the best comic book game of all time. Batman GOTY is the original game I loved along with four additional challenge maps and the newfound ability to play in 3D. Now, before visions of Avatar-like 3D go running through your head, it's important to point out that the 3D in Batman GOTY is super-basic.

You turn on the 3D filter from the main menu, pop on a pair of paper glasses with pink and green lenses, and play.

After years of the Riddler being goofy, I realized Arkham's version of the character was on a different level when he told a Riddle that ended in dismembering a baby.

Plus, the segments where you're under the Scarecrow's influence and Batman's worst fears are realized are some of the coolest, most cerebral parts of the game.

The game allows Batman to move faster than his enemies (He's a trained ninja, people! You just point your left stick towards whatever enemy you want to attack and Batman follows suit.

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