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Sometimes I'll read a treasured card you had given me And each word's special meaning makes me see, The precious gift of love I was fortunate to receive, And I realize you'd never want to see me grieve.Shall summer's warm brilliant sun bring new light, And free my anguished mind of its terrible plight?

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We begin to take note of the fact that our two lives have become intricately interwoven and we can no longer imagine living life without the love of our husband. I was all emotional from the pregnancy, he was only gone for like 3 weeks but it seemed like forever. Days have gone and nights have past, since the day I seen you last.

My hubby is in the Military and when I was pregnant with our third child he was in North Carolina for a while. The days are cold the nights are long, but my love for you stays strong. I'll wait for you however long, my love for you is blind.

To love is to make special memories of moments you love to recall, of all the good things that sharing life brings. I've learned the full meaning of sharing and caring and having my dreams all come true; I've learned the full meaning of being in love by being and loving with you.

Shall I wither and fall like an autumn leaf, From this deep sorrow - from this painful grief? Then it flits away on silent wings and I'm alone; Hungering for more of the light it had shone.

just read the poem, and realized how close it is to what just happened to me this very day. You were a stranger first, one who laughed freely and easily, who spoke of minor intimacies and common grounds, who made me feel strangely liked and valued.

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