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So even though she rarely gives interviews these days, she’s not new at it! As I was the original Heather Webber (originally Heather Grant) I had the pleasure and the privilege of creating WHO Heather was (and is). Truthfully because I was foolish and young and didn’t appreciate at the time what a great job I had!

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John was a lovely man who was like a father figure to me and I should have taken his advice because he was right. While many former cast members were asked back for the anniversary, you were not for the 25th or the 50th. And that is that I was very disappointed and hurt that I was not included in either the 25th or the 50th anniversary celebrations.

I mean, the character that I created is still on the show – I must have done something right!

I honestly feel like I am part of GH’s history and as such it would have meant a lot to me to have been included.

I still have so many fans who come up to me and ask that same question and I just honestly don’t know what the thinking was on the part of ABC – I am sure that it was just an oversight and nothing intentional and I will always hold ABC in the highest regard as it was they who gave me the opportunity to play Heather.

But I DO wish I had been a part of the anniversaries. What do you think of Robin Mattson’s portrayal of Heather? I like Robin Mattson very much – she has filled her career with memorable characters on several different soap operas and believe me soaps are hard work – so I respect her work ethic very much.

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