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Goes on a rampage through the halls of General Hospital, shooting Mac and Ethan, his ultimate target is Kristina. Supposedly died a second time while being chased by Luke Spencer and falling into a bottomless pit.(Mentioned Character)Sister of Mikkos, Victor and Anthony Cassadine, married to a Davidovitch.

A seriously wounded Mac manages to squeeze off the fatal shot that ends Warren's life, just in time to save Kristina. Sophia was publicly named as Alexis' mother for the sake of propriety when Alexis was brought by Mikkos to live in the Cassadine household (when he asked Helena to help raise her after the murder of his mistress).

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Rescued at sea but drugged and kept a virtual prisoner aboard a yacht by Luis Alcazar.

Arrested for murder twice, though acquitted once and the guilty ruling was overturned on appeal.

Makes a dramatic "fall" from the rooftop, appearing to be dead, apparently taking the secret of a kidnapped newborn (Liz's) with him to his grave.

A well known and legendary mob boss from the old days.

Left a CD behind which was wrapped and among Josslyn's baby gifts.

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