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While some readers understood him to mean that he does not like white people, Martinez claims that he is adhering to an ideology.

“The idea of whiteness and the way we currently understand it in which you have white privilege, you have our system of mass incarceration, you have a history of slavery in this country followed by Jim Crow. These are all ideas born out of whiteness; they were born out of the minds of white people.

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The original Alpha Go trained on thousands of human amateur and professional games to learn how to play Go, while Alpha Go Zero was able to teach itself to play Go from scratch, starting from completely random play.

Thirty years ago, a leading autism expert at UCLA diagnosed Raphael (Raffi) Rembrand’s four-year-old son – too late, at that point, for critical early-intervention therapies.

The problem is that diagnosis is too late and based on behavior observations.

Sens PD is going to change all of that,” vows Rembrand, founder and CTO of a one-man startup based in the northern Israeli Arab village of Bosmat Tab’un.

In response, the embassy on Tuesday in a statement posted on its Facebook page: "We are pleased to hear the words of writer and historian Youssef Ziedan and his description of the deep-rooted relationship between Jews and Muslims that existed even before Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him." Often when news emerges about Islamic supremacist abuses — particularly when associated with Muslim migration — it is diminished and even trivialized in the media by means of “Islamophobia” propaganda or largely trumped-up concerns about “right-wing nationalism.” Meanwhile, the Jerusalem Post Sitting on the desk of Ohio Gov.

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