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This tool searches for key words (terms that people use to search in Google and other search engines) in your niche that have lots of people searching for them, but few websites providing that information. So I decided that wasn’t the vision I had for my site, and those pages filled with key words would always wind up in the trash can.

Then the idea is that you provide the information they’re looking for by writing articles that are specifically geared towards these specific key words, and voila! I simply have never written for key words (i.e., for search engines like Google).

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To claim otherwise–to say that I have different motives–will only make you look like a fool. (Which leads me to my absolute funniest and most telling discovery yet.) And an FYI, when you Google the terms “Site Build It Scam” or “Site Build It Review”, you find loads and loads of glowing reviews.

As a side note, according to one Site Sell site that was set up by the company to counter The Great Negative Review Debacle of 2009, there are over 80,000 affiliates (people who sell this product for a profit), and yet there are only 40,000 customers. In other words, of the affiliates don’t even use the product! These glowing reviews were written by affiliates who stand to gain financially if you purchase the product using one of their links.

I’ve evaluated their claims regarding Site Build It! ) in this review, which is based on my own personal experience with the product. I absolutely despise any company that tries to weasel their way into people’s pocketbooks by making promises they can’t keep and using misleading marketing strategies and outright lies to pawn their inferior product off on unsuspecting people. These so-called “reviews” are fabricated by thousands of followers of “Make Money Online” (“MMO”) gurus who promote dishonest and spammy schemes and products. Here’s what you will find: on the claims made by Site Sell on the marketing pages of their website.

) review, I will strive to prove that claim to you as well.

(Many current and ex-SBIers suspect that this, along with Ken Evoy’s personal war with Google, are what has caused Google’s latest Panda algorithm updates to totally decimate so many Site Sell websites. My hunch has paid off, especially when compared to the average Site Build It website.

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