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Spent 0 on insulation pink bats (worth every cent).

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Its basically like paying you bill by bpay, but you do it fortnightly for a smaller amount.

You can keep track of what you paid either on a spreadsheet, bank account statements/write it on an old bill. 3 Adults in Brisbane, large Timber house, no air con, heaters or clothes dryer, 50 year old hot water heater (original), all electric. Will consider getting a Solar Hot Water System when the current one dies, but after 52 years of going strong, that might be a while away.

When looking for somewhere to buy a house, I looked at southern areas, but I kept having visions of someone finding my (frozen/unfrozen) body when it started to smell when the hot weather arrived.....

Perhaps folk should quote daily Kw H so people can compare across regions?

Just wondering if you guys think that just the standard costs of having a larger place / having an electric stove would be the cause for this?

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