Radioactive dating in antartic

We know the composition of the Martian atmosphere, because the Viking Lander spacecraft analyzed it, on Mars, in 1976.The Martian atmosphere is really different from the Earths atmosphere, or Venus, or any other source of gas that has ever been found.

was a source of almost immediate interest for the U. space program, whose scientists saw in it the chance to conduct a series of experiments foreshadowing future unmanned missions to Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter, whose icy surface contains lakes and deposits similar to Lake Vostok.

In September 1999, a total of 80 scientists from over a dozen countries met at Cambridge Universitys Lucy Cavendish College to establish protocols for researching the alleged life forms teeming in what must surely be the blackest waters in the world.

His comments tabled any hopes of finding Arthur Conan Doyles Lost World under the Antarctic icecap.

However, undeterred by their colleague, the scientists gathered at Cambridge drew up an ambitious research program for Lake Vostok, including the precautions to be taken to avoid sullying the pristine waters of the hidden polar lake.

Scientists and laypersons alike were thrilled by the discovery and its space-related implications, but Lake Vostok was never mentioned again outside specialized circles until now.

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