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Season 6Season 7 Night Drone Extreme Risk In the Flesh Once Upon a Time Timeless Infinite Regress Nothing Human Thirty Days Counterpoint Latent Image Bride of Chaotica!

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In particular, the Malon freighter captain, who refuses the offered refining technology because it would make his business dispensable, behaves much like present-day energy companies that don't want to promote photovoltaics.

I wonder how the civilization could ever have come that far with such a stubbornness.

The crew play space ecologists and help a suppressed people.

Once again the Prime Directive is left aside, for a good cause, but not consistent with other occasions where Janeway was rather strict about it even if someone was in a need.

Furthermore, Seven is able to use a holographic ray gun to shoot at the alien. Rating: 5 Stardate not given: After an emergency beam-out Borg nanoprobes from Seven's body assimilate the Doctor's mobile emitter, and give birth to a new Borg drone.

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