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Such as not telling Doyle that Van Dyke was being sued for malpractice and De Troy was representing Van Dyke while De Troy, one of Doyle’s business lawyers, was using attorney/client information to put distance between himself and a massive malpractice lawsuit with De Troy as a defendant due to his own recommendations in a fax from Dyer to Doyle (see below, In this fax sent 3 months AFTER the state had opened an investigation, Dyer points out a joint meeting in De Troy’s office with Denis Dancoes, whose wife Sheila Donahue is lawyer at Unum, and Doyle establishing De Troy’s attorney/client relationship with Doyle and item c. This is the opposite of De Troy’s proffered testimony to the State as their Witness in Chief.

) promoting the crimes that Doyle was subsequently charged with.

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The assignments of personnel are at the Chief’s discretion and judgment.) By Editor: Scarborough Council Rules state: 129.0 Not to interrupt.

No member speaking shall be interrupted by another, but by a call to order or to correct a mistake.

They bought two trucks at the same time and saved $20,000. They are still covered by other departments in the area.

The old truck was 20 years old and went to Providence, R. The cars without Falmouth markings was a choice made by the Chief and are used off hours to respond directly from a movie theater or restaurant to the scene of an emergency.

The Old Fool starts screaming like a psycho when Chairman Babine was violating Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press while the FTM reporter was questioning whether Town Manager Tommy Hall had fled the City of Rockland job before he was fired over alleged corruption over, perhaps water pipe contracts, from the podium during ‘PUBLIC FORM’. Can we have him arrested for an actual violation of a ‘legal rule’? This reporter has lived in Falmouth almost 38 years and hasn’t needed to call the police a dozen times.

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