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Pete I only got told this today by someone that Jasmine had passed away, I was truly truly shocked at this sad news considering I had only met her at Glamourcon 37 for the first time,she was A very lovely girl to be around. I had the pleasure of working with Jasmine on a few occasions. Jasmine was a pleasure to be around and a joy to work with.

-Brian Jasmine is someone that I will never forget as long as I live. I would like to start a donation system so that we can get her a booth at the next glamourcon and anyone that has pictures or publications of jasmine can have them displayed there in loving memory of her....i am not ready to let go of her beauty and i want to make a tribute to her because she is unforgettable, we can all help each other put it together.

Jasmine rescued what was left of my career and jump started it to heights I never dreamed it would reach. Jasmine, I'll always think of you as my personal angel. Jason Hadden I never got to meet her, but I was a fan and have purchased many of her videos through Paragon. If you want to help me do this, please email me at: [email protected] is cleopatra of the nile.

From what i could tell, she exemplified my elusive bombshell beauty who also practiced the virtues of compassion and kindness, and with a sense of humor to boot! This is a very sad day and I send my condolences to her family and friends and tonight I will pray for you my little Jasmine for you truly changed my life and the impact you had on me will remain a golden memory in my heart forever.

My galaxy of beauty is now dimmer by one star of considerable magnitude. Love Alex An old adage: Most people come and go, but some people grow on you. I am truly blessed to have known you and being your friend and fan. I love you Jasmine Cleopatra dec 12th 2005Bob if you see this message, whomever reads this...

We were honored to call Jasmine our friend and have the blessing of spending time with this incredible lady. God has a beautiful new angel, and I sure hope to see you again someday.

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