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Unlike the other shows in the franchise, however, “Paradise” has always been more about the search for a good time rather than fairy-tale romance.The show has a tongue-in-cheek tone, even using the love theme from “Footloose,” Mike Reno and Ann Wilson's “Almost Paradise,” over the cheesy opening credits.“Bachelor in Paradise,” which typically airs during August, has proved to be a solid ratings draw during an otherwise slow television period.When it premiered in 2014, “Paradise” seemed like the perfect frothy summer filler for ABC.

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He was also told he’d soiled himself during his sleep.

Johnson’s behavior that night had consequences: Within hours, host Chris Harrison was dispatched to tell him he was no longer welcome on the show.

Those conditions they seek are not conducive to the protection of cast members’ safety.”When contestants sign up for “Paradise,” they surrender many of their rights.

A copy of a contract reviewed by The Times from Season 2 of the series required participants to acknowledge that the show can reveal information “of a personal, private, intimate, surprising, defamatory, disparaging, embarrassing or unfavorable nature that may be factual and/or fictional.” Such depictions, the contract stated, may expose contestants to “public ridicule, humiliation or condemnation.”Further, the contract “strongly advises” contestants to interact with fellow participants “as if they were perfect strangers.” And if intimate or sexual conduct between participants occurs?

At first, the incident seemed par for the course in “Paradise.” Contestants regularly get frisky in the open and have sex in bedrooms without doors — though the footage rarely shows anything too raunchy. The female contestant, Corinne Olympios, hired a high-profile Hollywood lawyer, Marty Singer, and issued her own statement. announced that its internal investigation did not “support any charge of misconduct” or show that the “safety of any cast member was ever in jeopardy.” Production resumed last weekend with what Warner Bros.

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