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Two years later, in 2007, Andrew went to Rachael's birthday party.Despite the fact they were not together anymore, they were friendly towards each other.

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Over the next seven years, he and Rachael's family would be dragged through two Independent Police Complaints Commission reports, a six week inquest and a Serious Case Review.

Melony said: 'It was very hard for the first month for Jean as she was being asked to repeat the story.'I have huge admiration for people who are able to speak coherently in the aftermath because it’s just so hard.

Melony said: 'She prepared to tell Andrew about the pregnancy in May 2010 but he didn't take it well.'On May 26, Rachael drove Andrew to a police station because he refused to get out of her car.

Detectives arrested him and he was sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

When the lease ran out on that property, they moved in with Jean, Rachael's mother.'There was a huge pressure on everybody.

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