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(And thanks to all of you out there who I know fight back to make sure we get a decent selling spot).

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In reality, Newsquest doesn’t have a political view. Otherwise, it would never have allowed the Sunday Herald to come out for Yes, or decided to launch The National.

Not once, in three years of the paper, has anybody ever told us what we can and cannot publish in The National.

We’re hoping to introduce a subscription soon for the printed edition, but until then we need our readership to make sure they pick up a National as a matter of routine.

And to make sure that other people in their local Yes groups and party branches, who might not be regular readers, know how important it is to keep The National going.

The other papers have no influence over us, and we’ve got no influence over them. Decisions are made for each title based on the performance of each newspaper, and The Herald will sink or swim based on its own performance.

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