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I already woke up feeling a little downtrodden and according to my Fitbit, I was awake 4 times throughout the night and restless about 5, so I know why I'm tired even if I had enough 'sleep'.I've got my sad music playlist on loop (thank you Spotify!

Taboo skype

Male suicide statistics speak volumes & something needs to change.

In light of Chester Bennington taking his own life, it's important now more than ever to encourage the men in your life to talk about their feelings & get things off their chest because by staying silent, by bottling everything up, we isolate ourselves away from the people who can bring us back into the light.

In a later iteration it became the 1980 film Xanadu, starring Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly, which became a cult flop that in turn led to At Heartsville High, football is okay, but the real excitement is the chess tournament, which packs the bleachers with avid fans rooting for home champion Mike (Everjohn Feliciano).

He almost breaks down when his love affair with Steve starts falling apart owing to the latter’s awakening heterosexuality.

A parallel confusion occurs with Kate and her jealous lover Roberta (Vanessa Magula).

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