Mark paul gosselaar admits dating lark voorhies

Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky were the stand-out relationship in the Tanner household, but their chemistry makes even more sense when you realize these two had feelings for each other behind the scenes.

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Who could ever forget Jennifer Love Pfefferman trying to move in on Angela's screaming territory?

In real life, Will Friedle was just as enamored with Jennifer as his character, and the pair dated in 1997.

Even more shocking than the tryst between Marcia and Greg is the unexpected hookups that occurred between the youngest members of the Brady clan.

Susan Olsen, who played Cindy Brady, proved she's just as candid as her tattle-tale alter-ego when she publicly gave details.

In the same passage, she admitted that she was ready to lose her virginity to him, but Barry's parents walked in and busted them.

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