Bruce willis dating lindsay lohan

personally i think if she did cop off with some1 that old she cud have least put her glasses on first.

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That is wrong, It would be the same as a 10 year old going out and sleeping with a 20 year old, It's called: RAPE Its not the same thing at all. I do think she should stick to acting - and quit singing- i hate her videos and crap lkdsfjslshe'll be washed out in a few years like MG said she should stick to acting...that's not even going last very long.a few child stars make it ..Elijah wood .your talented enough it will last.

Originally posted by Cosmic_Beings Lindsay Lohan and Bruce Willis made out at the "Hostage" premier after-party, and then headed over to his house, where they obviously got it on.

Now, Bruce Willis is going out with someone who's 32 years younger than himself!

If all of this is true, Lindsay has really changed from when she was a little sweet girl like in the parent trap, and doing interviews and stuff, or maybe that was just acting too.

Lindsay said: 'I need to love myself first before I could be with anyone else, and I was going through a lot.

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