Dating soda bottles Mobilesexchat in bangalore

The bottle is near mint with no chips, cracks or staining (may have been professionally cleaned?

) and only a couple light scratches to a rear panel opposite the embossing which is pretty decent for these bottles which can be somewhat faint at times.

Like a lot of figural bitters and other "catch-the-eye" type bottles (brilliant early marketing!

$295 FOR PIKE'S PEAK (walking dude/prospector above flattened oval) - (eagle with banner in beak above squared oval) - This is Mc Kearin & Wilson classification #GXI-30 - the large quart size and one of the more abundant quart Pike's Peak flasks.

Celebrating the gold rush to Colorado in 1859, these popular flasks were made throughout the 1860s and possibly into the early 1870s.

An excellent example and the equal of an identical example (same color and mold but with a blowpipe pontil scar) sold in 2010 at American Bottle Auctions for over a $1200 (with commission). - This is embossed vertically on three sides of this familiar - and desired - bottle to collectors.

Bottle acquired for and pictured on the Historic Bottle Website. The "Old Doctor" bottles were used by the same-named poseur and competitor of the more common Dr. This bottle is a beautiful medium clear green or blue green depending on ones eye; the images show the color well.

The glass is crude, appropriate to the time with the color a nice, clear medium olive amber color that is neither amber nor olive dominated to my eye and passes the light very nicely. The embossing is pretty distinct - about average I think for this mold and better than the two images to the left show - with the Washington side (visible in the base view linked above) being just every so slightly more bold than Mr. The condition is very good with no chips, cracks, stars, flea bites, or the like though both sides do have some light to moderate scratching and some highpoint wear...probably from laying down somewhere for 170 years.

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