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1946 Evangelical United Brethren Church is created by merger of the Evangelical Church and the United Brethren Church.

1968 The United Methodist Church is formed by the union of The Evangelical United Brethren Church and The Methodist Church. 1770 Mary Evans Thorne is appointed class leader by Joseph Pilmore in Philadelphia; she is probably the first woman in America so appointed.

1904 Minnie Jackson Goins of Kansas becomes the first African-American woman to be ordained elder in the United Brethren Church. 1869 Eight women form the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society during a meeting at Tremont Methodist Episcopal Church in Boston.

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1856 Clementina Rowe Butler and her husband William arrive as the first Methodist Episcopal Church missionaries to India.

In 1872, they establish a Methodist Episcopal mission in Mexico.

Isabella Thoburn and Clara Swain leave for India where Thoburn launches a college in Lucknow that bears her name. Swain begins medical work in Bareli, and a hospital is later named in her honor.

1873 Anna Howard Shaw acquires a local preacher's license in the Methodist Episcopal Church.

1849 Charity Opheral is granted a preacher's license by the United Brethren Church.

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