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Juliette, your breakthrough, 1985’s “Rendez-vous,” was written by Assayas, and you reunited for his 2008 film “Summer Hours.” You instigated this project. Juliette Binoche: I wanted him to deal with the feminine. I had to erase the glee from my face while saying those lines. And also to show what roles do to actresses was very meaningful for me.

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I am so lucky because not many young American actresses get this opportunity. Is it getting better, or do you have to just go to Europe to get the great roles? KS: If you were to get a consensus, then, yeah, absolutely.

There are so many conventions in female roles in the States that it almost becomes — I mean, it’s so cliche, as you say — it almost becomes stifling. All of a sudden you think it’s not going to be commercial and easily consumable, people are not going to make it.

Why: The pajama trend is worn best with an effortless, French attitude.

BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role - 1997 - The English Patient European Film Award for Best Actress - 1997 1992 - The English Patient The Lovers on the Bridge European Film Audience Award for Best Actress - 2001 - Chocolat Juliette Binoche is a prominent French actress who has received much international acclaim for the sensitivity and emotional maturity with which she portrays complex roles on screen and stage.

Later on she began lessons with the famed acting coach Vera Gregh following which she embarked on her professional acting career.

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