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“They met on set and are now exclusive,” a source tells PEOPLE. They seem to be really happy together, but are trying to take things slow.” QUIZ: Hollywood’s Newest Couples This isn’t the first time either half of the pair has gotten cozy with a costar.

Catelynn Baltierra will be home for at least one holiday.

Hilariously, this theory has actually been around for several years, originating on the appropriately-titled Brazilian blog Avril Esta Morta.

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So who's been belting out all those jams about Sk8r bois and rocking those ironic neckties?

Well, according to @givenchyass, a body double named Melissa Vandella has been masquerading as Avril for the past 14 years. Ass claims that Lavigne hired Vandella early in her career to do appearances on her behalf and generally help her cope with the pressures of fame.

Continue Reading → Dinah Jane Hansen knows what to do when she’s got time to kill.

The Fifth Harmony singer took to Twitter to share a look at what happened when she locked herself out of her hotel room.

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