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reported that five women had accused the comedian of misconduct.

Meanwhile, Netflix had not taken any action against Masterson, and almost a year had gone by since the allegations against him first came out.

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He also didn’t respond to the Daily Beast’s request for comment on Bixler’s statement regarding Netflix.

Bixler has claimed that the Church of Scientology tried to pressure her and the other women to not go to police or go public about their allegations, which involve incidents of rape and sodomy that took place in the early 2000s, The Daily Beast said.

(All the while he had also been making a name for himself as DJ Mom Jeans, having taken deejaying up first as a hobby in 1999.) And it wasn't really until last year, when he and longtime buddy Kutcher reunited onscreen (and as executive producers) for the Netflix comedy in the wake of what amounted to a public call for his ouster.

His firing comes amid the ongoing reckoning taking place in Hollywood and beyond that has resulted in an unprecedented number of women coming forward and men stepping down, being suspended or "taking leave," or simply getting fired after being accused of sexual misconduct ranging from harassment and indecency to assault.

Ortega, citing a report in the Huffington Post, later said a fourth woman, who is not a Scientologist, had come forward with allegations against Masterson.

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