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was owned (and manipulated in the video) by Charlie Schmidt of Spokane, Washington, United States.

Later, Brad O'Farrell, who was the syndication manager of the video website My Damn Channel, obtained Schmidt's permission to reuse the footage, appending it to the end of a blooper video to "play" that person offstage after the mistake or gaffe in a similar manner as getting the hook in the days of vaudeville.

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The video was posted to You Tube under the title "charlie schmidt's cool cats" in June 2007.

Schmidt later changed the title to "Charlie Schmidt's Keyboard Cat (THE ORIGINAL)".

At last, “New Girl” viewers are meeting Schmidt’s long-absent dad.

Tonight’s episode will introduce “The OC’s” Peter Gallagher as Gavin, the never-before-seen father of the self-absorbed, soon-to-be married Schmidt (Max Greenfield).

The Keyboard Cat was featured in a cinema spot promoting the UK's EE telecom network, The Keyboard Cat appeared on one episode Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 Episode 22.

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