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This place looks like the trophy room of the Most Interesting Man in the World, insuring several topics for small-talk from the zebra pelt on the wall to the seductive Cigar Room in the back for after-dinner cocktails and banter. Giving you and your date an opportunity to cozy up to each other, look over the menu and ask each other 5 times, “No, what do YOU like on your pizza?

” By the time you get your pizza pie & cocktail order figured out, you’ll know for sure if she’s a meat-eater or not.

read More here The Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas inspires women to live a fulfilled, optimized life from the inside out.

We do this by providing a safe place to share personal desires and concerns regarding sexual well-being and offering innovative, cutting-edge, non-traditional options such as: Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery, Vaginal Laser Treatments and individualized Bioidentical Hormone Regimens.

He has now taken his social skills digital and serves as Social Media Community Manager for the new restaurant deal site Tango

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