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The judge also reminded Hoppy of his restraining order against Bethenny. In addition all of these are misdemeanor charges as far as I know.

They already offered to let him off with an anger management course.

It appears that yesterday Frankel provided the court with documentation from the original events (mostly texts and phone calls and one face to face encounter) that resulted in two additional charges filed against Hoppy, talking in the third degree, another count of stalking in the fourth degree. The court offered to drop the charges if he plead guilty to the one charge of harassment and attended anger management classes.

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Despite the dramatics on RHONY she seems completely unbothered by these court proceedings and doesn’t even need to show up.

She has the money to drag it out and there is enough ill-will on both sides to where she would have a motive to drag things out simply to financially and emotionally drain Hoppy.

"You can see that my jaw has completely changed."WATCH: EXCLUSIVE: Bethenny Frankel Opens Up About Her Mysterious Health Scare Frankel says she started the injections three years ago as a result of her grinding her teeth since she was in her 20s.

She also began wearing a night guard eight years ago, which alleviated some of it, but then her dermatologist suggested she try Botox in her jaw because "it's so tense.""I actually saw him yesterday and I showed him the pictures, and it has literally -- you can see that my jaw has completely changed -- because it’s like a muscle, it's like working out with weights," she further explains.

Sonja brings up Dorinda not inviting her to the Berkshires over a year ago. I’m not really recapping this because it’s a bunch of montages of the past, and normal pleasantries mixed in with Ramona and Sonja acting like fools.

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