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However, because the startup is currently working only with a subset of beauty brands on the market, it may not always have a specific product you need.

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If you have problems, PLEASE DROP ME A LINE, so I can fix 'em. Hot on the heels of the first tech preview, this tech preview brings 3rd party upgrades and two bug fixes. The 3rd party upgrades are 20 - Rebecca AIML 1.1tp1 (Slatter) Released.

This is a tech preview release to the upcomming (Slatter) series.

However, I promise before the full release of 1.1, a Linux version will be available.

Also, starting with this release Rebecca AIML will be available with a dual licensing scheme.

Plus, she added, as a startup, they’re more nimble than a larger company. “Also, we move fast, get things out, collect feedback and then get more things out…and we can literally do that in two weeks,” she noted.

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