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Despite his lack of experience, Claudius proved to be an able and efficient administrator.

He was also an ambitious builder, constructing many new roads, aqueducts, and canals across the Empire.

Claudius' infirmity probably saved him from the fate of many other nobles during the purges of Tiberius's and Caligula's reigns; potential enemies did not see him as a serious threat.

It is wrapped up with a story of a famous lawyer who has stopped his full day to day working hours, to become a monk.

After medication, he has decided to stop doing litigation work and he travelled to India to find his purpose in life.

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If you do not you’re your children’s childhood, then it will be too late, the time will be gone. Practice Gratitude Count your blessings every time you wake up and before you go to bed. Grow Your Destiny We all have something that we are meant to do.

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