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I have worked with a guy named Al for four years now and he has become my best friend.

Al was a bit shorter than I am but was good looking, or so April and some of the other women I knew said.

Where Al was very open about his life, Amy was fairly reserved and in social setting always seemed like she was more comfortable being in the background.

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Before I tell you about the first little event that changed everything for us, I will introduce you to the characters in this first part of the story. I was never that flashy, or a man's man as they say, but after girls got to know me a bit they seemed to think I was good enough to get to know better. She thought of herself as plain, but she is definitely pleasant on the eyes and always turned the heads of guy's when they were around her.

I tried to keep myself in shape by playing sports and working hard both on the job and at home. Not a classic beauty, but quite eye-catching in her own way. Heck whenever we were out I noticed men of all ages giving her those looks that spoke of how much they desired her.

I have to thank (Hale) for the fine editing skills without which this effort would not be readable.

This Chapter attempts to explain the events that led to a couple of common wives lowering their inhibitions and as a result is a bit slow.

April's big fantasy was about being with more than one guy at a time.

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