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The next morning, I didn’t see Theresa, which wasn’t uncommon since her bus leaves 40 minutes later than mine. I extracted what should be there from her DNA and rebuilt the area. A few strokes of her pretty clit and she was again flopping around like a fish as she orgasmed and passed out. Again I carried her unconscious body up to her bed. ” Even quieter she said, “Yes.” “Meet me in the parking lot just after last bell. I just did a quick fix before.” She sat quietly driving for a minute, then said, “We can do that exam when we get to my house, then talk about other things, Ok? “I-I think that is a good idea, L-Lisa.” I gave her a scared grin back.I had been thinking and realized that I could do some good with this talent. I had two goals for the day, land Amanda as my new girlfriend, and helping Ms. I had seen Amanda a few times in the hall during the day, but not long enough to do anything. She was trying to shoo me away when she suddenly let out a startled, “Oh! Not wanting to push things, I said, “Go check with your doctor.” Then I grabbed my pack and left. It was the first time I had ever seen anyone smile in their sleep like that. We have a lot to do this evening.” At , after the busses pulled out, I saw her standing by her car, looking frantically around. And call me Lisa.” She was much more relaxed the rest of the way to her house. ” “Well, I can see that there are some other areas that need to be fixed from here, but I really need to go over everything.” “Other areas, what do you mean? For instance I see quite a bit of something wrong in your left hand. “I have never done this before.” She quickly turned and headed down the hall to the bedroom, obviously going quickly before she chickened out. I stood there with a slack jaw and a dumb look and watched her.

Along with a glace my way I realized that she was annoyed with me. She wasn’t trying to be sexy or anything, she just was.

There was no way I was going to be able to be alone with her long enough to take care of things. She looked at me nervously and laid down on her stomach. Not wanting to startle her, I reached out and touched her left foot.

I was your average geeky type, the one who sits in the back of the classroom and daydreams about the gorgeous cheerleaders sitting up front. I couldn’t quite place the feeling, so I ignored it and went down to get breakfast. Since I had been thinking about Amanda Thrupp, a cheerleader in my homeroom, I was a little embarrassed, but with the idea of girls on my mind I noticed, for the first time, that my sister was really cute. ” “No, not really.” I replied jokingly as I took a closer look at her. I must have sat there staring into space for a few moments.

Sitting down at the table across from my annoying 13-year-old little sister Theresa, I was in a sort of fog, kinda daydreaming. Theresa suddenly shook my arm and said, “Come on, you'll miss the bus!

In sixth period, I concentrated on Amanda, and instantly knew everything about her, from her bra size, when she had her monthlies, and the fact that her nose did not match her DNA. When I got home I told my mom that I had to do some homework, went upstairs and flopped onto my bed. I lay on the bed, and decided to try another experiment, I concentrated on myself, and got the genetic information. To test this, I removed my glasses and genetically strengthened the muscles behind my eyes until I had perfect 20/10 vision. Sort of daydreaming again, thinking like crazy, I pulled up my pants (after admiring myself in the mirror for a while), and wandered downstairs.

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