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For example, if you already have a (paid) backup solution in place, there is no need to buy a service that offers the same thing.

Another criterion is to think about the number of websites you will be responsible for, now or in the future.

FTP Server Address: The Full Hostname of your FTP server, without the folder path.

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However, if you work with content-centered websites that need frequent updates, you might want to go for a tool that can accommodate central content creation.

While you don’t have to be completely sure about what exactly you need, it’s a good idea to clear it up in brought strokes beforehand.

How can I fix the deploy if I changed the content of the remote folder by hand?

You should delete the FTP Tool from the Admin-Tools page, then add it and configure it again. What if I get this error: 'FTP deploy fails with number of max retries exceeded'?

Repository: The folder in your Assembla repository that will be deployed. Can I change the Remote Path after the first deploy?

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