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A trust may also not be the best decision in this scenario.

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Your price, then, is not particularly heavy, if you do not foreseeably need the assets, and the trust will now accomplish what you would eventually do irrevocable intervivos trust.

First, reserve no power to revoke, rescind or amend the trust, or retain any rights − directly or indirectly − to reclaim property that you transfer to the trust.

must use an irrevocable trust, relinquish control, and beneficial interest, and still your trust assets may be seized as a fraudulent transfer.

Trusts are also set aside when a court concludes that a trust is a sham or that the grantor An irrevocable trust can make sense when 1) you would soon gift the assets to your beneficiaries anyway, and 2) you do not foresee needing the assets for your future financial security.

It also explains the popularity of limited partnerships and LLCs which provide excellent asset protection, are revocable, and lets you control your assets.

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