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This class has three properties: a student id, name, and city.

It has a default constructor and a Get Students method for retrieving data.

Many of these smaller applications can take advantage of the simple data-binding techniques built into the Visual Studio ASP. These applications can be created quickly, typically do not require much testing, and allow developers to focus on solving business problems rather than building frameworks and reusable objects that might never realize the goal of reusability. Applications that can benefit from this approach often have a common profile: they typically have compressed schedules, are meant to be websites from beginning to end, and might fill a somewhat temporary need.

Objectdatasource updating input parameters Sex meet up site free

Connection to data is made through two important properties Connection String and Provider Name.

The following code snippet provides the basic syntax of the control: Configuring various data operations on the underlying data depends upon the various properties (property groups) of the data source control.

The following code snippet provides the basic syntax for the data source: The Access Data Source control opens the database in read-only mode. Updates are problematic for Access databases from within an ASP.

However, it can also be used for performing insert, update, or delete operations. NET application because an Access database is a plain file and the default account of the ASP.

The following table provides the related sets of properties of the Sql Data Source control, which provides the programming interface of the control: The Object Data Source Control enables user-defined classes to associate the output of their methods to data bound controls.

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